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Enter your G-Number/Student ID and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • What is my G-number? If you do not know your G-number, contact the Records Office at 616-331-3327.
  • Forgot PIN?: If you have forgotten your PIN, you MUST enter your G-Number prior to selecting the "Forgot PIN?" button below.
  • Trouble logging in? For assistance contact the IT helpdesk at 616-331-2101 or toll free 1-855-435-7844.
  • To protect your privacy, please Exit and close your browser when you are finished.

Notice: GVSU students have reported getting fraudulent phone calls stating that you owe the University money. The Student Accounts Office will be the only entity contacting you and the call will come from a 616-331-xxxx phone number. Please be very careful with your G# and password if you are not dealing directly with GVSU. If you experience a fraudulent collections phone call, please notify the Student Accounts Office at studenta@gvsu.edu or 616-331-2209.

NOTICE: GVSU has received reports of a phishing email asking for your username and password. GVSU will never ask you for that information. As a reminder – never give out your G# and PIN. Do not reply to phishing emails that ask for this information. Sharing your G# and PIN could compromise your information in Banner, including banking information. Also, make sure that your PIN has been changed from the original default PIN.

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